Semester Course code Course name Credit Hour
I ABK8013 Issues, Ethics and Religion in Family Counseling 3
ABK8023 Family Laws in Malaysia 3
ABK8043 Family Counseling: Theory and Techniques 3
ABK8083 Research Methodology in Family and Marriage Counseling 3
ABD8023 Career Development and Information 3
ABD8043 Career Counseling and Personnel Development 3
ABD8193 Drug and Behavior: Psychology and Addiction Psychology 3
ABK8133 Family Financial Management 3
ABK8143 Parenting Skill 3
ABK8153 Domestic Violence 3
Total of credit hours 15
ABD7033 Theory of Counseling and Psychotherapy Prerequisite 3
ABD7053 Group Counseling 3
ABD7063 Counseling Technique and Processes 3
II ABK8033 Psychopathology in the Family 3
ABK8053 Marital and Sexual Counseling 3
ABK8063 Children and Adolescents Counseling: Theory and Techniques 3
ABK8073 Assessment and Appraisal in Marriage and Family Counseling 3
ABD7123 Counseling Practicum 3
ABK8103 Introduction to Gerontology 3
ABK8113 Crisis Intervention 3
ABK8123 Stress Management 3
Total of credit hours 15
ABD7093 Multi-cultural Counseling Prerequisite 3
III ABK8093 Consultation, Referral and Management of Family Counseling Services 3
ABK8306 Internship 6
ABK8406 Dissertation 6
Total of credit hours 15