Semester Course code Course name Credit Hour
I ACM8013 Theories and Model of Communication 3
ACM8023 Strategy, Media Design and Message 3
ACM8053 Script Writing and Media Production 3
ACM8063 Persuasive Communication 3
AAQ8013 Leadership and Islamic Management 3
ACM8093 Change Agent: Diffusion and Adoption 3
Total of credit hours 15
II ACM8033 Media Research Design and Statistics 3
ACM8043 Media Management and Ergonomics 3
ACM8073 Laws and Ethics in Communication 3
ACM8083 Public Relations 3
AAQ8093 Islam and International Civilisation Dialogue 3
ABK8123 Stress Management 3
ACM8103 Media Effects and Propaganda 3
Total of credit hours 15
III ACM8306 Internship 6
ACM8406 Dissertation 6
Total of credit hours 12