Name of Course COMPANY LAW
Course Code LAC4433
Rational for the Inclusion of the Course in the Programme LAC 4433 is a useful foundation for the knowledge and understanding of formation and matters of Company as one of the business entities in Malaysia. This service subject provided
by Faculty of Syariah and Law is tailor-made to the essential knowledge of company law, to students of Bachelor of Muamalat Administration with Honours and Bachelor of
Marketing (Financial Service) with Honours. The legal knowledge on business formation is crucial in preparing these students with legal realities of business in Malaysia.
Semester and Year offered Semester 6 (Year 3)
Student Learning Time

Face to face Independent learning Formal Assessment Total
Teacher centered Student Centered Learning Non face to face Revision Assessment Preparation Continuous Assessment Final Exam
Lecture T O
28 14 64 4 7 3 120
Credit Value 3 (120 / 40 = 3)
Pre-requisite (if any) None
Learning outcomes On completion of this course, students are able to:
1. Identify the fundamental provisions contained in the Companies Act 1965;
2. Apply relevant legal principles to solve a practical problem
3. Implement legal knowledge of the setup of a business entity in their future enterprises
Transferable skills Students should be able to possess knowledge of the law applicable to the companies in Malaysia as it applies to the regulatory framework, foundational, constitutional and
management issues through a process of lectures, tutorial and group assignment. Additionally, interpersonal communication, team work and leadership skills will be groomed in presentation and assignment tasks.
Teaching-Learning and Assessment Strategy Teaching-learning strategy:

The course will be taught through a combination of formal lectures, exercises, group work, using authentic materials, informal activities and various references. Collaborative teamwork will be fostered throughout the course. The use of examination and internal reporting assessment will assess the student’s ability to apply theoretical concept in context.

Assessment strategy:

•     Case Study
•     Test Presentation

Synopsis This course introduces practical guidance to the students on the laws and procedures involved in the incorporation of a company, its management until its liquidation. The students will be exposed
with essential knowledge and skills in taking overall responsibility in ensuring compliance with the law. Thus, this course seeks to cover the professional knowledge and skills towards preparing future corporate players.
Mode of Delivery Lecture, tutorial, case study and presentation.
Assessment Methods and Types
  Item Percentage
1. Mid semester exam 15%
2. Case Study 15%
3. Presentation 10%
4. Final examination 60%
  Total: 100%
Mapping of the Course Learning Outcome/Module to the Programme Learning Outcomes Refer to attachment
Content Outline and the SLT per Topic

Week Topic
1 Introduction-Business organizations and classification of companies
2 Incorporation
3 Corporate Personality
4-5 Memorandum and Articles of Association
6 Membership and Members’ Rights, and Meetings
7-8 Directors and Other Corporate Officers, and Company Administration
9 Raising Finance, Shares, Debentures and charges
10-12 Maintenance and Reduction of Capital
13-14 Winding up
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Companies Act 1965
Related cases
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