1 Name of Course Law of Contract II
2 Course Code LAC2073
3 Instructor
4 Rational for the Inclusion of the Course in the Programme This is a compulsory subject for the SMSU program and is a continuation from the Law of Contract I. It aims to equip students with additional issues related to a contract.
5 Semester and Year offered Semester 4 (Year 2)
6 Student Learning Time

Face to face Independent learning Formal Assessment Total
Teacher centered Student Centered Learning Non face to face Revision Assessment Preparation Continuous Assessment Final Exam
Lecture T O


 12  4  16  28  19  15  3


7 Credit Value 3 (125 / 40 = 3.125)
8 Pre-requisite (if any) None
9 Learning outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, students should have the ability to:

  1. explain factors that could affect the validity of a concluded contract.; (LO5-P2)
  2. Identify the relevant legal provisions related to actual daily problems involving contractual matters by referring to statutes and case laws; (LO6-A3)
  3. state and justify relevant contractual legal principles applicable to various problematic  problems.(LO7-P2)
10 Transferable skills Students should be able to develop good written, presenting and interpersonal communication skills, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving ability through a process of lectures and tutorials.
11 Teaching-Learning and Assessment Strategy Teaching-learning strategy:

The course will be taught through a combination of formal lectures, exercises, group work, using authentic materials, informal activities and various textbooks. Practical experience and collaborative teamwork will be fostered throughout the course. The use of examination and internal reporting assessment will assess the student’s ability to apply theoretical concepts in context.

Assessment strategy:

  • Formative
  • Summative
12 Synopsis Contract Law II, it is actually a continuation of the Law of  Contract I. This second part comprises three main areas under the law of contract i.e. vitiating factors in a contract, discharge of contract and the remedies available upon breach of a contract.

The course will further develop advocacy skill in the students particularly in presenting and justifying their opinions while being trained to make written submissions particularly when applying the law of contract to hypothetical and real problematic questions.

13 Mode of Delivery Lecture, tutorial, class discussion, mini seminar, presentation and case reviews.
14 Assessment Methods and Types  

  Item Percentage
1. Continuous Assessment 40%
2. Final examination 60%
  Total: 100%


15 Mapping of the Course Learning Outcome/Module to the Programme Learning Outcomes Refer to attachment
16 Content Outline and the SLT per Topic

Week Topic
1 Overview & Introduction to Law of Contract II
2-3 Contract : Free Consent and Vitiating Factors
4 -5 Undue Influence, Misrepresentation
6-7 Fraud, Mistake
8-9 Restraint of Trade
10 Discharge of Contract
11 Frustration of Contract
12 Breach of Contract
13 Remedies for Breach of Contract
14 Specific Relief

*Note: Total = 125 hours

17 Main references
  1.  Syed Ahmad Alsagoff. (2003). Principles of the Law of Contract in Malaysia. 2nd Edition. Kuala Lumpur: Malayan Law Journal.


Contracts Act 1950

Related Cases

18 Additional references
  1. Sinnadurai. (2003). The Law of Contract in Malaysia and Singapore:       &     Commentary. Second Edition. Singapore: Oxford University Press.  Singapore.
  2. William Reynell Anson & Jack Beatson. (2002). Anson’s Law of Contract. 28th Edition. London: Oxford University Press.
  3. Andrew Phang. (1998). Cheshire, Fifoot and Furmston’s Law of Contract. Second Edition. Singapore and Malaysia: Butterworths Asia.
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  5. Sakina Shaik Ahmad et. al. (2003). Mengenali Undang-undang Kontrak. Malaysia: ILBS.



Course Learning Outcomes Compliance to PO Teaching & Learning Activities (TLAs) Assessment Tasks (ATs)



















  K CTPS CS TS EM LL     KK LS    
1 .Explain the basic concept and principles of the law of contract;(LO3-P2     3             Classroom lecture and discussion Written test
2.Apply the law of contract to actual daily problems involving contractual matters by referring to statutes and case law; (LO5-A3         3         Group


Group research & assignment

Instructor evaluation of the presentation and assignment
3. Resolve the contractual legal problems relating to basic contractual principles.(LO7-P2)             3     Case review

Group presentation


Instructor  and peer evaluation