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Overview Gaziantep is the largest trade and industrial center in the west of Southeastern Turkey. Culturally and socio-economically, it is the most developed city in the region. The University of Gaziantep was founded as a state university in 27 June 1987, but higher education on campus began as early as 1973 when the institute was an extention campus of the Middle East Technical University. The main campus is located at Gaziantep with its extention campuses situated in the neighbouring cities and districts of Adiyaman, Kilis, Nizip, Oguzeli, Besni and Gölbasi.

Objectives The University of Gaziantep has always tried to train its students as enlightened, research-minded, scientifically-oriented graduates of good character. The main objectives of the University are:

  • Cultural, scientific, technical, medical and vocational education and training,
  • Fundamental and applied research,
  • Development of perspectives with respect to social issues, responsibilities and ethics,
  • Technical, scientific and cultural exchanges with similar institutions at national and international levels,
  • Professional adaptation to our rapidly changing society and the world in general, with particular attention to European Higher Education Area,
  • Contribution to the development of Turkey.


Student Exchange

Field Code Degree Institution Total
Code Field Name Associate Degree Bachelor Degree MA PhD Home Institution Host Institution Student Number Exchange Duration (Month)
 06.2 Electronic Engineering 2  GANTEP  USIM  2  4
 06.2 Electronic Engineering 2  USIM  GANTEP  2  4
 12.1 Faculty of Medicine 2  GANTEP  USIM  2  4
 12.1 Faculty of Medicine 2  USIM  GANTEP  2  4
 02.1 Faculty of Dentistry  2  GANTEP  USIM  2  4
 02.1 Faculty of Dentistry 2  USIM  GANTEP  2  4
 08.2  Theology 2  GANTEP   USIM  2  4
 08.2  Theology 2   USIM  GANTEP  2  4
 10.8 Law 2  GANTEP  USIM  2  4
 10.8  Law 2   USIM GANTEP  2  4


Academic Staff Mobility

Field Code Field of Teaching or Activities Number of Academic Staff Higher Education Institution Duration Weekly Course Hour
Home Institution Host Institution
06.2 Electronic Engineering 1 USIM GANTEP 2 Weeks 6
12.1 Faculty of Medicine 1 USIM GANTEP 2 Weeks  6
 08.2 Theology  1 USIM GANTEP 2 Weeks  1
 10.8 Law  1 USIM GANTEP 2 Weeks  6