1st Year Semester 1 Credit Semester 2 Credit
AAD1013 Principles and Practices of Da’wah Communication 3 ACM2093 Techniques of Photography 3
ADA2012 Islamic Aqidah 2 ADT1043  Akhlaq and Sufism Thought 3
ACM1013 Introduction to Mass Communication 3 ACM2023 Communication Theories  3
ABA1063 Introduction to Psychology 3 ABA1013 Counseling Philosophy, Principles and Ethics 3
 ACM1083 Communication Technology  3 AAM1023 Organizational Behavior 3
 AEN1013 Understanding Cyber Audience  3 ABA2073 Counseling Theories 3
3 AAM2033 Organizational Management 3
3 AEN1023 New Media Theory 3
2nd Year Semester 1 Credit Semester 2 Credit
 ADF2023 Mantiq 3 ADA2063 Samiiyat wa Imamah 3
ADF2013 General Philosophy 3 ADP2013 Heavenly ‎Religions 3
ADF4043 Islamic Reformation Movement 3  ACM2123 Psychology of Communication 3
 ACM2103 Introduction to Publishing 3  ACM2133 Fundamentals of Advertising 3
ACM2173 Communication and public speaking  ACM2183 Writing for the Media 3
ABA2083 Developmental Psychology: Child and Adolescent 3  ABA2143 Developmental Psychology: Adult And Aging 3
AAD2023 Contemporary Da’wah Organizations 3 ABA2153 Career Development 3
AAD2113 Tarikh wa Rijal al-Da’wah 3 AAD2223 Islamic Leadership 3
ABA2313 Counseling in the Quran and Hadith 3 AAD2173 Communication and Networking
 AAM2153 Islamic Management 3  AAM2043 Financial Procurement and Management 3
 AEN2033 New Media Design 3  AAM2053 Human Resource Management 3
AEN2043 Visual Communication 3 ABA2093 Technique and Process of Counseling 3
AEN2063 Social Media Culture 3 ABA3273 Abnormal Psychology 3
3 ACJ3053 News and Feature Writing 3
 AAM3063 Islamic Work Ethics 3
AAD3193 Public Speaking 3
 ADP2083 Interfaith Dialague and Engagement 3
 ACM3193 Ususu al-I’lam fi al-Islam 3
 AEN2053 Writing for New Media 3
 AEN2073 Online Journalism 3
 AEN2083 New Media Management 3
 AEN2093 Practices of Citizen Journalism 3
 AEN2103 New Media and Politics 3
3rd Year Semester 1 Credit Semester 2 Credit
ADA3113 Modern Schools of Thought in Malaysia 3 ADA3123 Texts of ‎Akidah 3
ADP3023 Cultural Religions 3  AAD3123 Contemporary Missionary Movements 3
 AAD4163 Adab al-Ikhtilaf 3 ADP3043 Spirituality in Religions 3
ACJ3013 Principles of Journalism 3 ADP3053 Methodology ‎of Study ‎Religions 3
ACJ3023 Al-Sahafah fi al-Islam 2 ADF3033 Texts of ‎Philosophy 3
ACJ3033 Print Media Management and Circulation 3 ACJ3043 Multimedia Journalism 3
ACB3043 Television and Film Studies 3  ADF3073 Philosophy of Religion 3
ABA3173 Psychological Testing and Assessment In Counselling 3 ACJ3063 Media Journalism Publishing 3
 ABA3183 Career Counseling 3 ACJ3073 Islam Newswriting 3
 ACM3203 Digital Media Production 3  AUA3023 Introductory Statistic and Data Analysis 3
 AAD3103 Da’wah Sociology 3 ACB3033 Television Production 3
 ADT2023 Philosophy and Issues in Mysticism 3 ACB3053 Broadcasting Management 3
ADA3153 Al-Firaq al-Islamiyyah 3  AAD4143 Da’wah Strategy and Planning 3
 AAM3073 Human Capital Development 3  ABA3323 Research Methodology in Counseling 3
AAD2213 Hifz al-Nusus 3 ABA3203 Family Counseling 3
ACB3073 Videography and Editing 3 ABA3193 Cross Cultural Counseling 3
 ACM2053 Intercultural Communication 3 ABA3263 Application of Psychological Testing 3
ACB3123 Principles of Broadcasting 3  ABA3163 Group Counseling Laboratory 3
ABA2123 Individual Counseling Laboratory 3 ACM3213 Media Ethics 3
ABA2133 Theories And Techniques In Group Counseling 3 ACB3133 Radio Production 3
 ABA3213 Drug Rehabilitation Counseling 3  ACB3143 Scriptwriting I 3
AAD3233  Dirasah I’lmi Turath 3  AAD3243 Relgion and Ideology Study 3
AEN3113 New Media Application, Issues and Challenges 3  AAD3253 Islam in South East Asia  3
 AEN3123 Animation Production  AEN3163 Digital Media Production
 AEN3133 Video Games Culture  AEN3173 Media Online Research
AEN3143 Ethics and Online Communication Laws  AEN3183 Electronic Da’wah and Campaign
AEN3153 Online Advertising  AEN3193 Online Public Relations
4rd Year Semester 1 Credit Semester 2 Credit
 AAC4063 Islamic Thought and Current Issues 3
ADF4053 Islamic Political Thought 3
ADF4063 Islamic Philosophy 3
ADP4063 Morals and Rules in Various Religions 3
ACJ4083 Text Production 3
ACJ4093 Analysis and Text Editing 3
ACJ4103 Seminar in Journalism 3
ACJ4113 Editorial Writing 3
 ACB4093 Seminar in Broadcasting 3
 ACB4113 Broadcast Journalism 3
ABA4333 Assessment and Management of Counseling Services 3
ABA4283 Social Psychology 3
ABA4293 Counseling at the Workplace 3
ABA4343 Practicum 3
 AAC4043 Orientalists’ Perceptions of Islam 3
ACB4153 Video Production 3
 AAD4153 Da’wah Psychology 3
ACB4163 Scriptwriting II 3
AAD3203 Da’wah Tatbiqi 3
 ADA4163 Islamic Akidah Management in Malaysia 3
AEN4203 Islam and New Media Seminar 3