1 Name of Course Conservative Dentistry II
2 Course Code DAC 434A
3 Rationale for inclusion of the course in the programme This course is a basic foundation to the dentistry, it is designed following operative technique and enhance more into clinical set up.
3 Semester and    Year Offered Year 4 : Semester I Total Guided and             Independent Learning

Face to face 136
Independent Learning 62
Total 198
6  Credit Value (Hours) 5 credit hours
7 Prerequisite None
8 Learning Outcome At the end of this course students are able to:

LO 1 Explain the success and failure in endodontic and treatment for tooth wear and trauma cases in relation to endodontic and further management in conservative dentistry C4
LO 2 Perform a treatment in relation to the presented problem P4
LO 3 Demonstrate ethics and professionalism when working in the clinic and dealing with patients. A3
 9 Transferable skills Provide opportunities to various treatment option and develop further understanding on the treatment involved in conservative dentistry
10 Teaching-learning and assessment strategy The teaching-learning approaches include lectures, tutorials, seminars, small group discussion and assignments. Students are assessed on formative and summative basis using several assessment methods such as MCQ, MEQ, OSCE.
11 Synopsis This course will deal further with possible problems, treatment options and management in conservative dentistry through discussion.  Besides, it will also discuss on the developmental disorder and management.
12 Mode of Delivery Lecture, tutorial, seminar, group activities, service learning, PBL.

Assessment Methods and Types

A number of assessment methods will be used. These include pen-paper tests such as Multiple Choice Questions (One Best Answer), Multiple True-False Question, Modified Essay Questions, Short Essay Question; Reflection, presentation of written assignment using specified format, and oral presentation of assignments in seminar.

Both formative and summative assessment will be used. The proportion of these types of assessment are presented below:

DAC 4012

Mid Semester 1                                : 30%

End of Semester 1 Exam                 : 70%


Content  outline of the course/ module and the SLT per topic 

1.1. Tooth surface loss

1.2. Occlusal trauma and Crack Tooth Syndrome

1.3. Endodontic

a. Geriatric and elective endodontic

b. Endodontic and periodontic relationship

c. Success and failure in endodontic

d. Anatomy of molar tooth

e. Molar root canal treatment

-Armamenterium of molar endo

-Disinfection of root canal system

techniques for root canal preparation and obturation

f. Non-surgical root canal re-treatment and surgical endodontic


1. Success and failure in endodontics

2. Anatomy of molar tooth

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