This course discusses the introduction of al-Istishrāq (Orientalism). Orientalist is actor, means someone who is an expert on matters related to the “East” is usually abbreviated as the oriental. Orientalism has a very wide scope, since it is directly related to matters concerned with the nations of the East and the environment, so it covers all areas of life and history of the Eastern people. These included; archeology, history, language, religion, literature, heritage, community, tradition, power, life, environment, and others. Therefore, in the discussion of the subject, it will be taught about some current issues and actual like, the purpose of Orientalism to study Islām from various aspects such as: scientific, economic, political, colonial and cultural, besides identifying the views Orientalism against Islām, the relationship of Orientalism movement missionary, liberalization and secularization. The impact and influence of Orientalism in the Muslim community. The main objective of this study is to provide scientific supplies to students that preaching about Orientalism, the background of the establishment, the methods used, stream of Orientalism, and the development of his ideas, goals and objectives. And the main thing is to explain the activities of orientalist wich is not different from the activities of missionary, because of the relation they support each other.



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