1 Name of Course Prosthodontic
2 Course Code DAC 4355
3  Rationale for inclusion of the course in the programme This course provides the students with the knowledge and foundation of fixed prosthodontics treatment options in relation to replacement of the missing teeth.
4 Semester and Year Offered Year 4: Semester I
6 Total Student Learning Time SEMESTER I

Teaching Methods Face-to- face Indep.


Lecture 15 30 45
Tutorial 6 6 12
Practical 40 13 53
Clinical 48 16 64
SGD 14 14 28
PBL 3 3 6
Seminar/Case Presentation
Ward round
A&E Posting
Field Visit
Examination 2 0 2
Total 128 82 210

Total Guided and Independent Learning

Face to face 128
Independent Learning 82
Total 210




Credit Value (Hours) 3 credit hours
9 Learning Outcome At the end of this course students are able to:

LO 1 Explain the basic foundation of fixed prosthodontic, and diagnosis and treatment plan based on the presented cases C2
LO 2 Perform  proper preparations during the preclinical session and procedures  of fixed prosthodontic A2
LO 3 Integrate the culture of professionalism and communication  when dealing with the teams and patients P5
10 Transferable skills Students are able to identify the need for fixed prosthodontic treatment and in relation to the options of removable partial dentures.
11 Teaching-learning and assessment strategy The teaching-learning approaches include lectures, tutorials, seminars, small group discussion and assignments. Students are assessed on formative and summative basis using several assessment methods such as MCQ, MEQ, and OSCE.
12 Synopsis Prosthodontics Dentistry is an area of dental practice that deals with replacement of missing teeth and restores the existing tooth to function. This part of prosthodontics area concentrate on fixed prostheses treatment options in relation to replacement of missing tooth with the aims of protection of the existing tooth, improve the aesthetic appearance and prevention from oral diseases. The treatment involves will involves construction of crowns, bridges and veneers, inlays and onlays.
 13 Mode of Delivery Lecture, tutorial, seminar and presentation, group activities.
14 Assessment Methods and Types DAC4355

Mid Semester 1                                : 30%

Any method

End of Semester 1 Exam                 :70%

40 OBA






  1. Introduction  to  Fixed  Prosthodontic
  2. Indirect restoration: Principles  of Treatment  planning
  3. Principles of tooth preparation
  4. Principles  of occlusion
  5. Preparation of PFM crown, full metal crown and all ceramic crown
  6. Soft tissue management
  7. Impression  materials and techniques
  8. Provisional  restoration
  9. Try in, cementation and maintenance
  10. Introduction to fixed bridge
  11. Fixed bridge preparation & types of pontics
  12. Introduction to adhesive bridge

Practical on crown and bridge for whole semester 1.

Clinical session for removable prosthodontics: once a week.

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